15,000 second chances: Bone Marrow Transplant program celebrates new milestone

April 24, 2019 | Michael Easterling and Samantha Bonar

City of Hope’s bone marrow transplant program recently performed the procedure on its 15,000th patient, a remarkable milestone considering that the initiative started with just two physicians, three beds and guarded expectations in 1976.

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Kortylewski Leads Impressive Slate of Grant Awardees

April 2, 2017 | Robin Heffler

Marcin Kortylewski has been conducting investigations at City of Hope since 2005. He seeks to fight cancer by finding ways to enable the immune system to search out and destroy tumor cells.

Beating prostate cancer: ‘We’re taking off the brakes’

March 24, 2016 | City of Hope

Researchers at City of Hope believe they are on the verge of significant headway in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer, thanks to new thinking and “staggering” early success.