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Join the madness at this year’s Hoops for Hope

March 8, 2013 | arhymes

Want to watch the biggest game of the college basketball season while networking with insurance community professionals? Then come to the third annual Hoops for Hope , an exciting fundraising event benefiting City of Hope on April 8, 2013, in restaurants and sports bars in several cities across the nation.

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The solar transit of venus

Love and Venus

July 27, 2012 | Krist Azizian

Why do we consider the viewing of astronomical phenomena as important, not–to–be–missed events? What difference does it make what’s happening millions of miles away from our blue planet, especially when anything that’s happening out there doesn’t impact what’s happening here in any discernible way? On June 5, the transit of Venus across the Sun didn’t wipe out electrical grids; it didn’t cause the oceans to rise disastrously; and it surely didn’t threaten an impact with the Earth, causing mass extinction.

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