Schedule of Student Talks

Student Talks 9-10 a.m.

  • Kiran Sriram
    Nuclear-localized mitochondrial RNAs regulate innate immune and inflammatory response
  • Priscilla Chan
    Small molecule circadian clock compounds exhibit selectivity against glioblastoma stem cells and therapeutic potential as a novel GBM therapy
  • Gabriela Escalante
    A multivalent subunit vaccine to elicit potent humoral immune responses to Epstein-Barr virus infection and its associated cancers
  • Stephan Spangenberg
    HSP90 inhibition enhances cancer immunotherapy by reducing expression of immune checkpoint proteins

Student Talks 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

  • Kruttika Dabke
    Proteomic analysis of paired chemotherapy naïve and resistant ovarian cancer tumors identifies known and novel biomarkers of disease resistance
  • Brandon Bauer
    Mig6 mediates alpha and beta cell fate in type 1 diabetes
  • Emma Trujillo
    The role of complement receptors in mediating the cell-to-cell contact between neutrophil like cells and Trichomonas vaginalis
  • Min Xiong
    Epithelial C15ORF48/miR-147 is an essential regulator of gut inflammation and microbiome homeostasis
Poster session âš¡ indicates a Lightning Talk presenter
  1. Arrianna Zirbes âš¡
    Changes in immune cell types with age in breast are consistent with a decline in immune surveillance and increased immunosuppression
  2. Brandon McFarlin âš¡
    Impact of diabetic kidney disease on renal function in female and male ZSF1 rats
  3. Daniel Fernandez âš¡
    The role of WAVE proteins in HPV endocytosis and intracellular trafficking
  4. David Wong âš¡
    Pericytes contribute to fibrotic remodeling following acute myocardial infarction
  5. Elizaveta Mukhaleva âš¡
    Identification of residue pairs that contribute significantly to coupling in GPCRs using combination of systems and structural biology approaches
  6. Er Fong âš¡
    Comparison of opsonization on the in vitro phagocytosis of heat inactivated and viable aspergillus fumigatus
  7. Firozeh Farahmand
    Genetic identification of a putative VTA → SCN dopamine circuit required for diet-induced obesity in mice
  8. Guillermo Najarro âš¡
    The activity of the ER-resident chaperone BiP is critical for KSHV reactivation and survival of infected cells
  9. Han Young Lim
    Selective export of mRNAs encoding transcription factors by NXF1
  10. Heather Zook âš¡
    Extracellular matrix protein signaling regulates proliferation of adult human pancreatic progenitor-like cells in vitro
  11. Ielyzaveta Slarve âš¡
    Effects of type 2 diabetes on pharmacokinetics of liposomal amphotericin B in mice
  12. Janielle Cuala
    Beta cell metabolism is compromised during the pathogenesis of COVID19
  13. Jatin Sharma
    SOCS1 mimetics attenuate autoimmune pathology in a murine model of lupus
  14. Jenny Tran âš¡
    Melatonin provides cellular protection in a cell-specific manner
  15. Jerry DeWitt âš¡
    A conserved Ras-TORC2-SGK1 signaling axis modulates cell size control in budding yeast and NIH3T3 cells
  16. Jonathan Chacon âš¡
    Characterizing AK4 gene co-expression networks within lung adenocarcinoma tumor stage progression
  17. Jose Ortiz
    The role of Trefoil factor 2 (Tff2) in pancreas organ development and aging
  18. Luis Sanchez
    Time-course analysis of human trabecular meshwork single cell contraction after a 5-day dexamethasone treatment
  19. Lupita Lope
    Optimizing PSCA CAR T cells with bispecific T cell engagers to target mCRPC heterogeneity
  20. Marissa Saenz âš¡
    Converting an indoor rodent room into an indoor free-range chicken room
  21. Marwa Ben Haj Salah
    Redox-sensitive meta-stable three-way junction for multivalent delivery of therapeutics
  22. Natalie Graham âš¡
    The role of microRNA-142 in promoting B cell activation and effector functions
  23. Nawele Lahcene âš¡
    Genetic and pathway associations with pre-pouch ileitis after Ileal-pouch anal anastomosis for ulcerative colitis
  24. Neslihan Erdem âš¡
    Prime-editing of induced pluripotent stem cells to protect from T-cell destruction by removing a neoantigen implicated in T1D
  25. Nicole Mattson
    Identification, mechanism, and therapeutic potential of a novel pocket on ITGAV
  26. Nina Moore
    Structural characterization of anti-hemagglutinin antibodies in complex with hemagglutinin
  27. Noralhuda Ismail
    Assessment of microbial quality on Halal versus Non-halal raw chicken
  28. Pouya Haratipour âš¡
    Lead optimization of AOH1996: Design and synthesis of novel anti-cancer AOH derivatives for targeted delivery
  29. Pritha Chatterjee âš¡
    Loss of PTPN2 in intestinal epithelial cells increases invasion of human intestinal epithelial cells and intestinal permeability in mice by adherent-invasive E. coli
  30. Rachel Kandel âš¡
    Uncovering novel regulators of misfolded membrane protein stress
  31. Rhea-Comfort Addo
    BMP signaling promotes the formation of the cardiac inflow tract
  32. Senlin Xu
    A novel mechanism underlying MYC driven lymphomas
  33. Shaun Lim âš¡
    Novel approaches to directly measuring autophagy in organismal aging
  34. Shayla Paulekas
    β2-adrenoreceptor ligand efficacy is tuned by a two-stage interaction with the Gαs C-terminus
  35. Simiao Wang
    Organotypic cultures of patient tumor slices as a novel model for developing CAR T cell immunotherapies for glioblastoma
  36. Suhani Bhakta âš¡
    Determining the role of neutrophil lysosomes in the trogocytic killing of Eukaryotic protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis
  37. Sundus Shalabi âš¡
    Evidence for accelerated aging in mammary epithelia of women carrying germline BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations
  38. Surya Shrivastava âš¡
    Thera-pack-it exosomes: delivery of next generation gene therapy
  39. Susan Ahmedyar âš¡
    Development of depression-like behavior and alcohol self-administration after exposure to repeated variable stress mediated by endogenous dynorphin- kappa opioid receptor (DYN-KOR) system