General Web Resources

These are general Web resources that have been reviewed and selected as useful to many students and postdocs. You should speak with a career counselor about particular resources for your specific situation. However, if you're trying to answer the question “What am I going to do with my life?” you'll need to make an appointment.


  • - Offers links and info on local biomedical industries
  • - The Biotechnology Industry Association champions biotechnology and biotechnology companies
  • California Healthcare Institute - Includes information on biomedical research in California
  • Cell and Molecular Biology Online - An information resource for cell and molecular biologists



Postdoc Positions


Application Process for Jobs in Academia


Salary Surveys and Salary Negotiation


Health Industries and Health Care

  • Virtual Career Center - National Institute of Health Career Center
  • Medzilla - Services for employers and professionals in biotech, pharma, health care, and science

International Job Search


Professional Networking

  • www. – Professional networking site where you can make connections and get advice, and find insider information on an industry or company