Housing Policies and Procedures

Move-In Information

The official move-in period for the graduate school year is the week prior to orientation. The housing lease is an eleven-month term starting the day you move in and extending through July 31st.

Here is an abbreviated check list:

  • Confirm move in date and time with Corporate Real Estate.
  • Meet with Corporate Real Estate at the residence for lease signing and key distribution Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Inspect your unit for obvious missing, damaged furnishings or appliances.
  • Complete the City of Hope Housing Conditions Form given to you on move-in day and return to Corporate Real Estate within one week after arriving.  If you do not complete the room condition form, we will consider your space is in acceptable condition and you will be held responsible for the cost to repair any or all damages.

You may bring with you:

  • Bedding including a pillow, pillow cases, bed pad, sheets, blanket or comforter
  • Hangers
  • Personal care items, towels, wash cloths, soap (laundry and bath), shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • Coffee maker, alarm clock
  • Laundry bag/basket/hamper, wastebasket, throw rugs
  • Small cleaning equipment and suppliesSurge protected power strips
  • Desk lamp
  • Flashlights and fresh batteries on hand for use during power outages
  • Broom or small hand-held vacuum
  • Toilet paper
  • Iron, small ironing board

Move-out Information

Corporate Real Estate will conduct a residence inspection before a resident moves out. July 31 is the official move-out date for the school year. You will be charged for costs associated with additional cleaning, replacing missing keys, furniture, removing abandoned belongings and repairing damaged property you did not list on your Housing Condition Form when you moved in. If Facilities needs to repair property in common areas, you and your roommate(s) will share the costs equally if we cannot identify the responsible party.

Here is an abbreviated checklist:

  • Contact corprealest@coh.org for a walk-through appointment prior to vacating. Keeping your keys means you are still occupying the room.
  • Complete mail forwarding/change-of-address card with the United States Postal Service at usps.com.
  • When you move out of your space, please make sure to leave your room in “broom clean” condition. This means:
    • All personal items have been removed from the bedroom.
    • The refrigerator, microwave, oven, closets, cabinets and garage have been emptied.
    • Your trash has been disposed of properly.
Standard Cleaning Costs
Individuals and/or Shared Expense
Level I $50 Bedroom - individual's responsibility
Level II $100 Substantial cleaning required in kitchen or bathroom areas - shared
Level III $150 Extensive cleaning required in kitchen and bathroom areas - shared
Level IV $TBD Determined by actual time requred to clean - shared
There will be no charge if the room or housing unit has been satisfactorily cleaned