Postdoctoral Association

The PDA was founded in 2000 by Michael Reed, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow in the Division of Biology. The PDA encourages postdoctoral fellows to interact with each other and with graduate students and provides opportunities for educational, professional and social growth.
As a postdoctoral fellow, you may have come from across the country or around the world to work here in a lab doing the research on which you will build your career. At the PDA, we help make your experience fulfilling and enjoyable by familiarizing you with the culture at City of Hope, the ins and outs of postdoctoral life, and all the opportunities that Southern California has to offer.
The PDA is headed by a steering committee, comprised of interested researchers who volunteer to promote interactions among postdocs on an academic, social, and cultural basis.
For more information, please visit our facebook group page.