In August 2018, CIRM/SPARK participants travel to the SPARK Annual Meeting, where they present their work from the summer alongside peers from SPARK-funded summer programs across California. 


Train, Educate, and Accelerate Mastery of Stem Cell Research 

City of Hope’s CIRM/TEAMS program is proud to be part of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) SPARK Awards program. These awards support SPARK programs (Summer Program to Accelerate Regenerative Medicine Knowledge) across California that introduce high school students to research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. 

As a part of the larger Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy, the CIRM/TEAMS program consists of a ten-week internship in one of City of Hope’s well-established stem cell laboratories. Trainees are paired with a member of City of Hope faculty and complete an independent summer project while receiving training in the latest stem cell techniques. In addition to conducting research, trainees will attend lectures with leading names in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, share findings both informally and formally with peers and mentors, and communicate their research experiences through blogs, social media, and poster presentations.  

Ultimately, the CIRM/TEAMS program at City of Hope aims to equip participants with the laboratory skills, critical thinking abilities, and real-world knowledge necessary to pursue STEM careers while providing a window into regenerative medicine at a renowned research institution.