Summer Student Academy FAQs

How many students apply?
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Last year, we had 2,100 applications and we accepted 82 students. Our Academy was composed of 45% undergraduates and 55% high school students.

Who may apply?
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City of Hope welcomes high school and college students who meet the certain criteria.

  • Students must be at least 16 years old on their first day in the Academy.
  • Students must be US citizens, or permanent residents.
  • Students should have completed high school courses in chemistry and biology.
How do I apply?
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Complete and submit an online application. Additional information such as transcripts, and letters of recommendation, and resumes are advisable but not required. These may be submitted online with your application or through the unique URL given to each student once the application closes.
*Because we receive hundreds of applications and have limited staff, we kindly request that you refrain from contacting us directly regarding your application status. We regret that we are unable to respond to individual inquiries.

Do the summer students get paid?
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Most summer students receive a stipend of $4,000 for completing the 10-week program.

May I participate part time?
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Because research requires dedicated attention, students must attend the program full-time and not interrupt their 10-week commitment by taking other classes or vacations, etc.

What is required of program participants?
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Summer students join a laboratory team and participate in experiments related to ongoing lab projects. They read lab notebooks and journal articles, and then discuss questions with lab technicians, postdocs, graduate students or the principal investigator. To enhance the internship experience, each student is also required to give a short talk or present a poster, and to write a paper (approximately 3-4 pages long) about their research.

What information must I supply on the application?
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In addition to standard information such as name and contact information, the application has questions regarding your career goals, relevant coursework and any relevant previous experience you may have (previous experience is not a prerequisite). You are also asked to submit a brief statement describing why you wish to do research, and the area of your research interest.

What documentation is required to begin?
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Some students will submit immunization records based on the type of project they participate in, this may include Hepatitis B, TB, Tetanus (or Tdap), Varicella, MMR.  Any proof of immunization must be received before the student can begin working on campus.  No immunizations or tests will be performed at the City of Hope. All students must provide proof of medical insurance. All students must have work authorization and, at the time of hire, be able to present documentation showing their right to work in the U.S.

How are the applicants notified about acceptance into the program?
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Students who are accepted will be notified by email.

Does City of Hope provide housing?
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No. Students are responsible for securing their own housing and transportation.