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Ammar Ahmed Chaudhry, M.D.

Diagnostic Radiologist
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Email: [email protected]
Other Languages Spoken
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu
  • Working knowledge of Spanish
City of Hope is unique ... the institutional motto of 'bench to bedside care' resonated with me.
As a child, Ammar Ahmed Chaudhry, M.D., watched his parents struggle with complex medical conditions. He admired the doctors who treated them.
“Seeing the direct impact health care providers have on their patients’ lives and well-being gravitated me towards the field,” he says.
A super-achiever from the start, the much-honored Dr. Chaudhry double-majored in college and graduated summa cum laude, received his medical degree with honors from University of South Florida, and completed residency at Stony Brook University Hospital (including service as chief resident, co-director of Radiology Clerkship, and member of the Dean’s Executive Committee). He successfully completed his fellowship training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he stayed on as faculty before joining City of Hope.
Dr. Chaudhry says his goal is to expand the options for noninvasive diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Much of his research – hundreds of published articles, presentations and abstracts – takes that direction. Dr. Chaudhry is a reviewer for several peer-reviewed scientific journals. In addition to being a physician scientist, Dr. Chaudhry is an excellent teacher, having received several teaching awards, and has given several CME lectures at national/international scientific conventions. Dr. Chaudhry is faculty advisor and one of the editors for the prestigious USMLERX and USMLE First Aid series.
Dr. Chaudhry calls City of Hope a “perfect fit” because it matches his own commitment to “transforming patient care through research and precision imaging.” Dr. Chaudhry is the founder and director of the Precision Imaging Lab at City of Hope and his translational research is centered on applications of advanced imaging (fMRI, PET-MRI, PWI, hyperpolarized MRI) in oncology, metabolic disorders and inflammation. Dr. Chaudhry’s work has been well-received at City of Hope, recently earning him the Young Investigator Award at City of Hope in September 2017.
Please contact Dr. Chaudhry at [email protected] for research opportunities (students, residents and fellows), research collaboration and consultations.
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    For more published work, see Dr. Chaudhry's Google Scholar and PubMed listings.
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