Study investigators have collaborated in an effort to understand the long-term health of persons treated with a blood or marrow transplant. We are studying the risk of long-term side effects of BMT, and the molecular underpinnings of these complications. The Expanded BMT Long-term Follow-up Study will be collecting specimens from patients and sibling participants to carry out these aims. The hope is to more fully understand the molecular basis of the complications so as to predict potential complications after BMT. The data will put us on the path toward being able to identify specific biomarkers and to give personalized treatment to address those effects. To that end, we will be collecting samples of saliva, fingernails and toenails, or blood to pinpoint and isolate relevant biomarkers.
Understanding the morphological and/or molecular structures involved will enable clinicians to perform better and targeted care to specific tumors. Researchers will then use the information collected as part of its therapeutic arsenal to make recommendations for the treatment and follow-up of future patients treated with BMT.