2017 Rose Parade: 5 questions for breast cancer survivor Linh Quan

December 12, 2016 | by Denise Heady





For the 45th year, City of Hope will participate in the 128th Tournament of Roses Parade. This year, seven patients celebrating their past, present and future successes will welcome 2017 atop City of Hope’s Rose Parade float. The float, themed "The Miracle of Science with Soul," adds a deeper dimension to the parade theme of “Echoes of Success.”

Women’s cancers will affect one in three women in her lifetime. One of those women is cancer survivor Linh Quan. Diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram at 40 years old, Quan went to City of Hope, where she knew from experience that she would be in good hands. After intense rounds of chemotherapy, Quan underwent a double mastectomy and spent another six months undergoing follow-up chemotherapy. Four years later, she is now cancer free and focused on giving back as a result of the specialized care she received.

I feel very honored, and I hope to do whatever I can to make a difference.”

Here, Quan shares some of the wisdom she's gained during her treatment journey.

What would you tell other patients who have been recently diagnosed?

It is not easy, but you will get through it. Stay positive. Think of your family and friends that support you and remind yourself why you’re fighting — like you want to live to see your kids grow up.

What was your most pivotal emotional moment during treatment?

Treatment was very hard. The side effects were bad and I felt lifeless. But with the support of my family and will to live for not only myself, but for my son, I would remind myself that I can do it because I have everyone on my side and that it is just temporary and will get better.

What is one piece of practical advice you would give patients – such as wear warm socks to treatment, or take your own music or eat ice cream when you’re feeling good, etc?

Make sure you eat and drink lots of water. Meditate and pray.

What family member or loved one did you rely on most – and how did he/she help?

All my family was there for me.  For example, my husband took me to all my doctor and chemo treatments, my brothers were at my first visit to see my surgeon just in case I forgot to ask him anything and my aunt came over every night to be with me until my husband came home from work.

Who do you feel you owe the most "thanks" for your successes?

My family, friends and all the staff at City of Hope — especially my surgeon Dr. Paz, my oncologist Dr. Yeon and all the chemotherapy nurses.


For more information about City of Hope's float, visit the City of Hope Rose Parade site.


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