Brain tumors: One surgeon's quest to transform the future (w/VIDEO)

July 21, 2014 | by Denise Heady

Brain surgery is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, as well as curiosity and compassion. The truly great surgeons also have a desire to find new, and better ways, of healing the brain. Enter Behnam Badie, M.D., chief of neurosurgery at City of Hope.

Now a pioneer in brain tumor treatment, Badie entered medicine because of encouragement from his father. Healthy at the time, the family patriarch later succumbed to a brain tumor, the type of cancer in which his son now specializes.

Driven in part by that experience, Badie has since gone beyond the operating room. He wanted to help not just today's patients, but also tomorrow's patients. Through collaborations with other scientists and other clinicians, he knew he could conduct groundbreaking research that would help both.

City of Hope allows him to do all of this. That's why he's here.

Badie is now working to transform brain tumor treatment through research collaborations using nanoparticles, engineered T cells, engineered stem cells and other novel treatments.

The device that he's developing "will transform the way we do brain tumor treatment," he says. "My research gives me hope."

Watch his story.

And read the story of Bridget Hanchette. Diagnosed with grade IV glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of malignant brain tumor, the Wisconsin mother of three was told by her doctor that she had only a year to live. A second doctor told her the same thing. Finally she came to City of Hope for an appointment with Badie. That was five years ago. 


Learn more about getting a second opinion at City of Hope by visiting us online or by calling 800-826-HOPE (4673). City of Hope staff will explain what's required for a consult at City of Hope and help you determine, before you come in, whether or not your insurance will pay for the appointment.

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