City of Hope Hosts Visiting Chinese Physicians

February 3, 2017 | by Michael Easterling

breakthroughs- international visit Michelle H. Johann, clinical educator, Perioperative Services, provides a tour and orientation to some of the physicians visiting from Renmin Hospital.

As part of its Center for International Medicine (CIM) program, City of Hope recently hosted seven physicians from Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, located in the Hubei province of China.

It was the physicians’ first time at City of Hope and, for many, their first time in the United States. Each of the visiting doctors was paired with a City of Hope physician to learn about the latest advances in surgery and medical oncology.

Of special interest to the group was robotics surgery, a minimally invasive alternative to other types of surgery that enables surgeons to operate through incisions no larger than a penny.

The relationship with the Chinese physicians began in 2014, when Steven Rosen, M.D. provost and chief scientific officer; International Medicine Associate Director Yuman Fong, M.D., the Sangiacomo Faily Chair in Surgical Oncology; and Vice Provost David Horne, Ph.D., traveled to the country to build relationships and share their expertise in cancer treatment. Fong was a visiting professor at Renmin Hospital last year.

Since CIM was founded two years ago, City of Hope has hosted dozens of physicians from around the world.

“The Center for International Medicine is part our strategic effort to grow our clinical programs and find new ways to extend our high-quality care to patients worldwide,” said Ed McCarthy, CIM vice president. “We cultivate partnerships to create transformational exchange in medical education, training and research. This latest visit is just one example of how we are touching the lives of health care professionals, students and patients around the world.”

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