Score big for a cure during March hoops tourney time

February 26, 2016 | by Sara Lewis

City of Hope is one of many nonprofits participating in The Charity Bracket, an online college basketball bracket game organized by The Charity Game Company Inc (501(c)ARE). to benefit charities and nonprofits across the country. “Over 60 million people fill out March Madness brackets every year," said Chris Briggs, chief financial officer of The Charity Game, "Now people can play for a good cause with The Charity Bracket."



In March, the top men’s college basketball teams will face off in the biggest basketball tournament of the year. Odds are you've seen the ESPN or Yahoo Sports brackets that people fill out during the basketball tournament.

Now, you and your friends can fill out a bracket online to benefit City of Hope!

Participants sign up, choose the nonprofit they wish to support, make their bracket picks, track their scores and compete with friends during the basketball tournament. Contestants compete to win $100,000 in donations to the nonprofit of their choice.

This is a simple and fun way to get involved with City of Hope. You and your friends can support our mission to create medical miracles, to treat and eliminate cancer and other life-threatening diseases by choosing City of Hope as your nonprofit of choice.



The folks at The Charity Bracket will donate $50,000 to City of Hope if your bracket has the best score at the end of the tournament. City of Hope can also win an additional $50,000 even if you don’t have the highest score.

It’s easy and anyone can play!

  • Sign up at
  • Pick City of Hope as your nonprofit to support our mission of turning hope into reality.
  • Pick the teams you think will win (or if you’re like most people, just take wild guesses and hope you get lucky!)

You can also create private groups to compete against your friends and co-workers. Invite your friends, use #PickEm4Hope on social media, have some fun and support City of Hope! It costs nothing for you to play (and maybe win!) on behalf of City of Hope.


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