An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
By Zen Vuong | October 15, 2019
Susan Brown, Chief Nursing Officer and Team

Members of a City of Hope care team in the Los Angeles area review a patient’s treatment plan.

City of Hope is partnering with Amazon to provide a range of enhanced cancer support services to the company’s employees in the U.S. — including a dedicated phone line staffed by oncology nurses, specialized support for complex cancers, and diagnosis and treatment plan review. This revolutionary partnership was recently covered in the Wall Street Journal
The face of cancer care has changed dramatically over the last decade. Advances in diagnosis and treatment offer many patients an increased chance of survival and a better quality of life through innovative treatment options.
“Amazon proudly employs more than 275,000 people across the U.S., and we strive to offer Amazonians and their families access to benefits that make a meaningful impact on their lives,” said Dene Sparrman, director of global benefits at Amazon. “We believe that it’s critical to provide our employees with a comprehensive cancer-care program — from real-time support to second opinions and treatment planning.” 
“Cancer can affect anyone no matter where they live, but not everyone lives geographically close to a comprehensive cancer center that can give them the best chance for survival,” said Harlan Levine, M.D., president of strategy and business ventures at City of Hope. “City of Hope is at the forefront of cancer innovation and discovery. We are always thinking about practical ways to provide best-in-class care, and we are excited to partner with Amazon on this important initiative designed to provide expertise to cancer patients and their treating physicians so the right care is delivered at the right time in patients’ own communities.”
To improve quality of life and health outcomes, to reduce unnecessary expenses and to get people living with cancer back to their lives and their work, City of Hope Cancer Support Services help patients and their local physicians navigate the complexity of a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.

The services include:

Cancer Support Line

Whether an employee has a question about the side effects of treatment or needs emotional support, a dedicated team of cancer care nurses is available to answer questions and provide information. Employees can call about their own diagnosis or if a family member is diagnosed with cancer.

Expert Review

City of Hope has physician specialists covering a wide spectrum of specific cancer types. Employees can benefit from this subspecialized expertise in their own communities by requesting that a City of Hope physician review their diagnosis and treatment plan and provide a written recommendation to the patient’s treating physician regarding the clinical appropriateness of the proposed therapeutic approach. If appropriate, City of Hope physicians will recommend improvements to the proposed treatment plan, including recommendations for — and interpretation of — genetic/genomic testing, identification of potential clinical trials and therapeutic options. An employee may also choose to go to City of Hope for an in-person evaluation with its physicians.

City of Hope Accountable Precision Oncology™ Program

City of Hope specialists work with Amazon’s health plans to support the care of patients with the most complex cancers. City of Hope cancer experts directly engage local primary oncologists to provide a recommendation for appropriate genetic testing and accurate interpretation of test results and advice for optimal treatment, including the appropriate use of the most leading-edge, targeted therapies.

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