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By City of Hope | July 15, 2018

For many, summer is synonymous with letting go of responsibilities and relaxing with family and friends. But at City of Hope’s Michael Amini Transfusion Medicine Center, summer is the start of a rough season.

Every summer, partly due to the rise in out-of-town vacations, blood donations fall dramatically across the nation, leaving hospitals frantically trying to bring in much-needed blood for patients who needed regular blood transfusions.

These donations save lives every day at City of Hope. Nicole Shultz was diagnosed with an aggressive form of acute myelogenous leukemia when she was just 14 years old, and knows all too well how important it is to have a supply of blood and platelets. 

“I’ve been a patient here at City of Hope for almost 13 years now and over that time I’ve received so much blood and platelets as part of my treatment,” said Nicole.

City of Hope patients need more than 37,000 units of blood and platelets each year. In comparison, City of Hope brings in about 22,300 units of blood and platelets each year — not nearly enough to meet patients’ needs.

While summer is a notoriously difficult time for blood and platelet collections, Kasie Uyeno, manager of donor recruitment at City of Hope's Blood Donor Center, reminds us that “the need for blood and platelets never takes a holiday.”

To encourage donations this summer, for the months of July and August, anyone who donates blood at City of Hope will receive one ticket into the Los Angeles County Fair, and those who donate platelets will receive two tickets (while supplies last).

Visit or call 626-218-7171 to schedule your appointment today or find a blood drive near you.


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