Nipple-sparing mastectomies and the rising rate of bilateral mastectomies (w/PODCAST)

July 5, 2015 | by City of Hope

Laura Kruper Laura L. Kruper discusses breast cancer surgery and the latest advancements in reconstruction.

Approximately one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Although the disease can have a profound impact on the patient and her loved ones, it can often be effectively treated with surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

Skin- and nipple-sparing surgeries, as well as plastic and reconstructive procedures – individually and combined – can effectively treat breast cancer while minimizing impact to physical appearance. City of Hope offers the latest advances in the surgical management of breast cancer provided by specialized surgeons. For patients with small tumors and early-stage breast cancer, breast-conserving surgery is a treatment option providing optimal cancer surgery while achieving excellent cosmetic outcomes.

Here, Laura L. Kruper, M.D., discusses breast cancer surgery and all the latest advancements in reconstruction.



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