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By Robin Heffler | April 6, 2018
Samuel W. Chung, M.D., who sees patients both at City of Hope’s South Pasadena and Arcadia, California, locations, offers not only knowledge and experience, but also a strong understanding of the San Gabriel Valley region.

“Being an Asian-American who grew up in Arcadia and can speak some Cantonese gives me a cultural connection with many patients, especially those who are not fluent in English,” said Chung, who often treats the most common forms of cancer, including breast, colon, lung and prostate.

He said his father, a general surgeon in the area, inspired him to go to medical school, as did the orthopedic surgeon who repaired his broken leg in high school. Chung chose internal medicine with a focus on oncology because he sees the specialty as fostering a “unique doctor-patient relationship. You have a longer relationship with these patients, stretching over years, so you get to know them better. Also, there’s an intensity to the patient interaction when helping very sick patients during difficult times, which I’m drawn to.”

Chung began working at City of Hope in 2012, after serving as a staff physician at an oncology practice in Pasadena. He said he was excited to join City of Hope because of all the resources that are available.

“Being part of a network of physicians who work as a team is very helpful,” he said. “When I have questions, such as when unique tumors are involved, I can ask specialists who are experts in their fields. And I appreciate being able to get patients into clinical trials.”

In turn, patients and their families have written numerous thank you notes, expressing their appreciation for the time, effort, professionalism and kindness Chung has shown in treating them.
Chung works four half-days in South Pasadena and five half-days in Arcadia, where he serves as the lead physician.
“I appreciate the leadership opportunity, but my main goal is working directly with patients,” he said. “Serving the community I grew up in is important to me. Being able to help my neighbors is very rewarding.”

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