Physician Spotlight: Jaspreet Parihar, M.D.

January 3, 2018 | by Robert Young

Jaspreet Parihar CV Bio Photo Jaspreet Parihar, M.D.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Jaspreet Parihar, M.D., developed a keen interest in human biology. As he began to study the inner workings of human anatomy and physiology, his interest grew and blossomed into a lifelong passion, a mission of healing that eventually led him to City of Hope.

It was a perfect fit for Parihar’s world-class medical training and compassionate, empathetic approach to patient care. Today, the urologic surgeon practices at City of Hope regional centers in Santa Clarita, Mission Hills and Antelope Valley, three of 15 Southern California locations in addition to the main campus in Duarte, California.  

“Ever since I was a child, I have been tremendously fascinated by the biological sciences,” said Parihar, assistant clinical professor, Division of Urology and Urologic Oncology in the Department of Surgery. “Initially, my interest sparked in the field biology class in high school. I was mesmerized by the invisible world that lies beneath the microscope and the degree of complexity observed even in the simplest organisms.

“Growing up, I was fortunate to have a mentor in the family, who also happens to be a urologist. Spending my free time and weekends with him, I was inspired to explore urologic surgery as a career.”

A passion for healing

Parihar’s professional journey began at Duquesne University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree and graduated summa cum laude. From there, he went on to receive his M.D. at Drexel University College of Medicine, where he acquired “an extensive and comprehensive medical training,” he said.

After completing his general surgical internship and urologic residency at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Parihar chose to pursue his specialty fellowship training at City of Hope, where he sought to specialize in complex robotic surgery and urologic oncology.  

City of Hope’s status as one of the world’s leading cancer centers, outfitted with leading-edge technology, was certainly a major factor in his decision. Moreover, Parihar said it was the “culture of kindness and compassion” that most impressed him.

My philosophy for the practice of medicine is very simple: I treat my patients as if they are my family,” he said. “I strive to provide the best available medical, surgical and cancer care to my patients in the most compassionate way I can. It is a privilege to be working with a unique institution where we not only treat the disease afflicting the patient, but also focus on the person as a whole.”

Parihar specializes in urology, has done extensive research and has been widely published in the field. He has certified expertise in the da Vinci robotic surgical system, advanced technology that allows surgeons to perform complex procedures with the highest level of precision. Treating both men and women, Parihar performs a wide range of procedures, ranging from in-office procedures such as cystoscopy and prostate biopsy to major cancer operations such as surgeries of the kidney, bladder and prostate.  

“I am able to offer these intricate surgeries in a minimally invasive fashion,” he said. “Robotic surgery not only allows surgeons to perform more complex operations but also benefits patients in terms of less blood loss, faster recovery and less postoperative pain.”

He also offers many other urologic treatments such as circumcision, vasectomy and kidney stone treatments, as well as treatments for erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate.

Extending City of Hope’s reach

Parihar’s journey as a medical professional led him eventually to Santa Clarita, Mission Hills and Antelope Valley, three City of Hope locations that provide the highest level of cancer care to local residents. In partnership with area hospitals, the regional centers offer the latest advances in cancer therapies, as well as general surgery and urology procedures.

The partnership allows City of Hope to offer state-of-the-art services, as well as improved access to leading-edge clinical trials to the local communities, Parihar said. “It also promotes collaborations between advanced treatment specialists. We are uniting efforts to improve access and quality to the Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley communities. We are proud to provide our medical and surgical expertise in the communities we serve in."

It’s all part of a lifelong mission that began years ago in Pittsburgh, a commitment to healing fueled by compassion and a boundless fascination with medical science.

“I am very happy about my life decisions and look forward to each day I can help improve someone’s life,” Parihar said. “The privilege to make a difference during the times people need it the most, that is what inspires me and nurtures my lifelong passion for medicine.” 



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