'Why I walk': Video tells compelling story or, rather, many stories

November 4, 2013 | by Nicole White

Nearly 7,000 walkers laced up their shoes Sunday for the 2013 Walk for Hope.
Nearly 7,000 walkers joined in the Walk for Hope, to raise money for women's cancer research, treatment and education. Nearly 7,000 walkers joined in Walk for Hope to raise money for women's cancers research, treatment and education.
Their single goal: To raise money for women’s cancers research, treatment and education. With a projected $1 million raised by Walk for Hope participants, they were successful in their goal. But while they walked with a single purpose, they walked for thousands of reasons. They honored mothers, sisters and daughters who survived cancer. They remembered those who died of their disease. They walked in hope of discovering new treatments and cures that could prevent similar deaths. And they walked for women in their lives who had already endured a fight with cancer, and for girls in their lives whom they hope will never face that fight. Many cancer survivors participated, waving at the patients in City of Hope Helford Clinical Research Hospital on the City of Hope campus, some blowing kisses and stopping to shout encouragement. Behind every step taken, every dollar donated, there’s a story. In this video, some of Sunday’s participants share why they walked. More stories from Walk for Hope participants >> About Walk for Hope >>
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