Cancer research 2015: T cell immunotherapy, targeted drugs and more

January 1, 2015 | by Tami Dennis

Every year, researchers make gains in the understanding of cancer, and physicians make gains in the treatment of cancer. As a result, every year, more cancer patients survive their disease.


2015 in cancer research In 2015, cancer research will move forward in ways both high-profile and little-heralded.


In those ways, 2015 will be no different. What will be different are the specific research discoveries and the specific advances in screening and treatment. We asked City of Hope experts to weigh in on the research and treatment advances they predict for the year to come.

Some of those advances will make headlines around the world – expect to hear much more about T cell therapy and targeted drug therapy – while some will garner attention largely among those affected by, or treating, the disease.

But all will have an impact.

Bladder cancer: Comprehensive genetic profiling, more refined surgical techniques and an analysis of the environment’s potential effect on bladder cancer – all will occupy researchers. Read more about bladder cancer advances and about bladder cancer treatment at City of Hope.

Blood cancers: In the coming year, expect to hear about clinical trials of an especially powerful type of immunotherapy using T cells. Many of these trials will focus on blood cancers, but not all. Read more about T cell therapy in 2015 and about blood cancer treatment at City of Hope.

Esophageal cancer: When it comes to targeted drugs to fight cancer, esophageal cancer has lagged behind other cancers. That’s changing. Read more about esophageal cancer advances and about esophageal cancer treatment at City of Hope.

Kidney cancer: Kidney cancer is one of the most common cancers in both men and women – and the rates are rising. Fortunately for kidney cancer patients everywhere, there's City of Hope. Read more about kidney cancer advances and about kidney cancer treatment at City of Hope.

Liver cancer: Ablation (burning tumors with needles) and resection (surgical removal of tumors) will continue to improve, but liver pump chemotherapy will offer new and better treatment options as well. Read more about liver cancer advances and about liver cancer treatment at City of Hope.

Lung cancer: It’s all about customization. With both diagnosis and treatment, researchers are customizing to attack a specific person’s cancer. Read more about lung cancer advances and lung cancer treatment at City of Hope.

Myeloma: Patients with myeloma are increasingly joining the ranks of those cancer patients who can benefit from medications that can identify cancers by their genetic properties and help eradicate them. Read more about myeloma advances and about myeloma treatment at City of Hope.

Stomach cancer: The ability to see inside the body will play an increasingly, perhaps surprisingly, important role in the treatment of stomach cancer, or gastric cancer, in the months ahead. Read more about stomach cancer advances and about stomach cancer treatment at City of Hope.

Viral gene therapy: Already, viruses are all around us. Increasingly, they’ll be used to our benefit. Read more about advances in viral gene therapy.


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