Diversity Events

We have another word for Diversity Events at City of Hope: FUN!  We're honored to have a spectacular mix of cultures, and we all have one thing in common (besides being committed to our work): we know how to have a good time.

Here are some videos that show how our Diversity Events build the camaraderie, respectfulness and sense of community that's part of City of Hope.

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Diversity Day


Come celebrate Diversity Day, with our exciting, colorful and plentiful array of food, music and entertainment from different cultures. Meet new people! Learn a lot! Have fun! It's what you do at our annual celebration of City of Hope's commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Lunar New Year

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Maybe you've never experienced the beauty and sophistication of Asia. Maybe you have and miss it terribly! On this revered Asian holiday, join us in an appreciation the art, music and food of the wonderful and diverse Asian cultures we're blessed with here at City of Hope.

Diversity Health Care Expo

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City of Hope hosts Diversity Health Care Career Expo in the hopes of bringing awareness to students and professionals, of the many opportunities available in the health care field. Our objective is to build awareness among the largely diverse population of Los Angeles area about the field of health.