For Children — Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow's Careers

As the need for healthcare professionals increases, it's important that children find out about the many opportunities in science, research and medicine. At City of Hope, we engage with students of all ages, elementary to graduate, through a variety of programs, including the ones below.

Bring Your Child To Work Day

This event for 3rd - 5th grade children of City of Hope employees introduces them to science and medicine through fun, hands-on learning activities.  Our goal for Bring Your Child To Work Day is to get children excited and interested about science, and to transfer their enthusiasm back into the classroom, in hopes of sowing the seeds of an eventual interest in healthcare careers.  

Show Your Kids the Many Jobs in Medicine

To help your kids find out more about what people do in healthcare, share these short, entertaining videos with them, explaining different types of jobs. There are a lot of ways to work in healthcare -- see which of them might interest your kids the most!