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If you're a military veteran, we would be proud to have you consider City of Hope as a place to put your skills and experience to work. Here's what some other vets have to say about what they found in working at City of Hope:


“City of Hope’s mission is what drove me to work here. The values that describe me are integrity—you stand by your word—and service with a sense of urgency… What excites me most for the future of City of Hope is that we keep finding cures, and we keep growing… There is a camaraderie between co-workers here because we are working together towards a common goal of helping people.  I believe City of Hope represents some of the core values of the Marines, courage, honor and commitment.”

—William Carthan, Event Budget Analyst (Served in U.S. Marines)

“I feel that when I can deliver with urgency, I can also quickly remove barriers and obstacles that keep my teammates from providing their best work.  So it really motivates me to provide service with the sense of urgency, but keeping in mind that my service has to be of high quality and meets the requirement of the service recipient.”

–Victor Benedicto, Project Manager HIMS Department (Served in U.S. Air Force)

“I would identify myself with service with a sense of urgency because if a patient has a request I am Johnny-on-the-spot with whatever they need, if they need a cup of water, or they are in pain. I make sure to accommodate them as efficiently as I can. Definitely in the military you cannot lag on any task you are asked to do, they have high expectations for you… City of Hope absolutely loves veterans. They are very supportive, and I feel that a lot of the staff have the same camaraderie as I felt when I was in the military.”

—Tiffini Gosha, Registered Nurse (Served in U.S. Navy)


We encourage you to explore City of Hope for the next chapter in your career. Search our job openings and select the field and position that will allow you to best utilize your talent in support of our ongoing mission to beat cancer and other deadly diseases.

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