Chinese language website: 'Important milestone' in fighting cancer

November 5, 2013 | by Tami Dennis

City of Hope Chinese language website

Most cancer centers in the United States prefer to communicate only in English. That preference is natural – communication just seems easier when it’s based on a language used by the majority. But the reality is that true communication is a two-way street; it’s not about talking to, but rather conversing with.

City of Hope understands this – and has recently introduced a Chinese language website,, that offers content focused specifically on the needs of Chinese-speaking patients, caregivers and their families. The institution is now the only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center on the West Coast to provide a Chinese language site.  The move follows the 2012 launch of a Spanish-language site,

“City of Hope was founded 100 years ago on the principle of service to humanity. Our new Chinese language website helps us to further achieve our mission in a meaningful way,” said City of Hope President Robert Stone in a news release about the site.

Members of the Chinese-language community have taken note of this effort to more effectively serve, connect and understand a diverse community.

"We applaud City of Hope for its Chinese website, as it serves as a resource to help us achieve our  mission in providing outstanding services and advocacy that promote better quality of life and equal opportunity for immigrants and other communities.” - Jin Sim Khoo Medical Director Chinatown Service Center

"The American Cancer Society recognizes City of Hope for its expertise and leadership in cancer prevention, treatment and education. We appreciate the launch of the City of Hope website, as this is such an important milestone in engaging our Chinese community in fighting cancer." - Janice Chow-Ng Mission Delivery Specialist California Division American Cancer Society

"Chinese immigrants bear undue cancer burden and are among the medically underserved. They have great need for cancer information and access to medical services. Herald Cancer Association has long partnered with CCARE-City of Hope to provide cancer prevention education and screenings, and information and services to Chinese cancer patients, survivors and families. We praise City of Hope for the efforts to reach the Chinese community via the website and our collaborations with CCARE." - Lucy Young Senior Director Herald Cancer Association.

"Center of Community Alliance for Research & Education (CCARE) engages community partners to address the burden of cancer and chronic health illnesses within the Chinese community. The Chinese website will serve to increase education and awareness, and provide tailored resources responsive to the Chinese community." - Kimlin Tam Ashing, Ph.D. Founding Director CCARE at City of Hope

“The City of Hope Chinese website offers a wealth of information that can benefit every Chinese American.” - Tina Tai Program Director Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care

“City of Hope has been a leader in cancer research, and the launching of the Chinese website is good news for Chinese cancer patients and their families.” - Maggie Lee Relay for Life event chair American Cancer Society

City of Hope’s new site creates a bridge between Chinese-speakers and the renowned research and cancer care of a world-class institution. The building of that bridge is more than a symbolic act; it’s a very real example of outreach with the ability to change lives.




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