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Brile Chung, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Research Professor, Department of Immuno-Oncology

Brile Chung, Ph.D.


  • University of Southern California, Ph.D.


  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Los Angeles

Development of tumor growth and initiation of metastasis depend upon reciprocal interactions among all the heterogeneous cell populations comprising the tumor microenvironment, including cancer, immune, and cancer-associated stromal cells. To better understand these interactions and thus develop more effective cancer therapies, improved cancer models are needed. Dr. Chung’s objective is to further develop and optimize a novel method in which the various cell populations of the patient-specific breast tumor microenvironment can be expanded and reconstructed ex vivo as a functional three-dimensional (3D) organoid that recapitulates the tumor tissue in vivo. In addition, Dr. Chung is also performing genomic profiling of cancer cells and cancer-associated stroma (CAS) to identify differential gene expression patterns in these reconstructed co-cultured cancer cell/stromal cell 3D organoids, as well as the influence of genetic heterogeneity on propagation of these cells for generation of 3D organoids.

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