Circle 1500 funds womens cancers research projects with pooled membership dues

October 22, 2015 | by Kelly Mayfield

Circle 1500 is a giving circle which launched in 2014 to benefit the Women’s Cancers Program at City of Hope.   Members are patients, community members, friends and families of women who are committed to creating better treatments for women everywhere. Quarterly meetings are held at City of Hope, or at interesting venues around the Southland, featuring speakers on women’s health topics, research updates and trends in cancer treatments. The meetings provide members with opportunities to share stories and experiences and to get to know COH faculty and scientists.  
Their mission statement puts it clearly: Circle 1500 is a giving circle whose members pool philanthropic resources, select and fund women’s cancers breakthroughs at City of Hope.
"Circle 1500 has enriched my life on so many levels,” says member Vicki Schwartz.  “It's been a privilege to meet doctors who are doing cutting-edge research and hear them passionately describe their projects.  As a patient who has benefited multiple times from similar research projects at City of Hope, I'm grateful to have this opportunity to support them. “  
Pilot projects that have received funding since the formation of Circle 1500 include the Pancreatic Nutritional Program, which is a pilot study of the impact of weight loss on the survivorship of breast cancer patients, and the research of Jacob Berlin, Ph.D., and his Next Generation Drug Discovery for Treating Herceptin-Resistant Breast Cancer.  Members of Circle 1500 can see the immediate impact of their pooled philanthropy and are able to follow the progress of the research projects that they fund each year, through their meetings.

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