Fusion genes are an important class of genetic alterations implicated in the pathogenesis of solid tumors, particularly in lung and thyroid carcinomas1-7. Testing for relevant fusion gene targets may provide diagnostic and prognostic information, and/or guide selection of the appropriate therapy or clinical trial.

The OncoFusions Panel and related fusion next generation sequencing assays are designed to detect fusion transcripts involving ALK, RET, ROS1, FGFR3, PPARG, NTRK1, and NTRK3 genes. They are available as a panel, as individual fusion targets, and as a part of a larger oncology mutation panel (Onco48-Plus-Fusions). Potentially, any genes fused to the targeted regions are detectable by this assay.

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(Fusion analysis of 7 genes commonly rearranged in solid tumors (ALK, RET, ROS1, PPARG, NTRK1, NTRK3, FGFR3))
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