Patient Information

CMDL provides state-of-the-art genetic testing and professional interpretation. Our lab specializes in testing for cancer predisposition, neuropsychiatric disease, muscular dystrophies, hemophilia, connective tissue disorders and pharmacogenetics. Please click on "Services" for a complete listing of our laboratory tests.

How to Get Tested

Testing is simple. You need to have at least two tubes of blood drawn in "yellow top" tubes (ACD) or "lavender top" tube (EDTA) at any convenient location. Kits containing the tubes for blood draw are available upon request. Samples are shipped here.

We only accept samples referred by a physician, since all test results require explanation by a trained physician or genetic counselor. For all individuals with a family history of a genetic condition, genetic counseling is recommended. Ask your doctor for a referral. If you believe that you require genetic testing, please contact your physician with the information from this web site. We recommend printing out the following items and bringing them to your genetic counseling appointment:

  1. The Test Listing  and Test Request Form (Insurance) and Test Request Form (Institutional and Out of Pocket)
  2. A copy of the Assay Summary for the test that you desire (we recommend searching for the correct Assay Summary by searching under " DNA Testing Services by Disease ")
  3. Letter from the CMDL to your genetic counselor and physician

Genetic testing results are not simple to interpret and require a trained professional. Your test report will be sent to your physician or genetic counselor who will provide the appropriate genetic counseling needed to help you interpret and understand the implications of the test results.

Information about Genetic Counseling and Clinical Geneticists MD Specialists

Genetic Counselors

Genetic counseling is recommended for all individuals with a family history of a genetic condition. Genetic counselors are trained to interpret complicated genetic testing results. They spend time with patients to counsel about the risks and benefits of genetic testing.

The website for the National Society of Genetic Counseling (NSGC) has a link to help in finding a counselor near you. Click on "find a counselor".

Clinical Geneticists

Clinical geneticists are physicians with special training in genetics. They evaluate, diagnose, and treat individuals with genetic conditions and recommend follow-up care.

The website for the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) has a link to help in finding a clinical geneticist near you. Click on "membership directory".

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