Pediatric Brain and Spinal Tumors Research

Brain tumor clinical trials and research

City of Hope is a hub of innovation and progress when it comes to research and treatments for children, adolescents and young adults with brain and spinal tumors.

Our research and clinical teams work together to advance therapies that more effectively — and directly — target brain tumors. We are researching immunotherapy as a way of disabling cancer cells and finding unique ways to allow cancer drugs to cross the blood-brain barrier.

We are world leaders in the field of neural stem cell therapy, a groundbreaking method of delivering chemotherapy drugs directly to tumor sites within the brain — and were the first in the world to apply this exciting breakthrough therapy to brain cancer.

For more information on our pediatric cancer research, including ongoing trials, please call 626-471-9393.

Clinical trials – research studies that involve volunteer patients – are a crucial component to developing new, more effective treatments that save lives. Many of today’s standard therapies are based on the results of previous trials, some of which were initiated at City of Hope.