Pediatric Cancers Support Services

Childhood, Adolescent And Young Adult Survivorship Program

The Childhood, Adolescent And Young Adult Survivorship Program at City of Hope provides specialized follow-up care for patients who have completed treatment for cancer or a similar illness that was diagnosed before 40 years of age.  Patients who participate in this program are seen every year in a clinic specially designed to meet the needs of childhood cancer survivors.  Patients are evaluated by a team of health care professionals who are experts in survivorship issues, including a physician or nurse practitioner, a dietitian, and a psychologist or social worker.

Patients in this program will receive careful monitoring for possible health problems that can sometimes occur after cancer treatment. They will also have the opportunity to talk with the Survivorship Program team about the treatment that they received for cancer, its potential impact on their health, and ways to stay as healthy as possible.

Each patient will receive a personalized record of the details of their cancer treatment. They will also be provided guidelines for continued monitoring, including recommendations for preventive care and information about available resources and services.  The goal is to help each survivor stay healthy and to prevent any subsequent problems or detect them as early as possible so they can be more easily treated.

This program is carried out in collaboration with each patient’s primary health care and treatment team and is part of the research program here at City of Hope. For more information, please visit our Childhood, Adolescent And Young Adult Survivorship Program page, call 626-471-9220 or email us at [email protected].