Evaluation of Colon/Rectal Cancer Patterns and Outcomes of Care


You have been asked to participate in this research study because you are being treated for colon/rectal cancer at the City of Hope and are over age 18.   The purpose of this research study is to collect data on subjects with colon/rectal cancer treated at City of Hope in order to evaluate patterns of care, how well treatment guidelines are followed, and treatment outcomes.  Another purpose is to collect and store blood samples of tumor samples from subjects with colon/rectal cancer so that biological characteristics can be related to clinical and treatment data, which might help in developing more specific and effective treatments.  In addition, data from some subjects will be sent to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) outcomes database that is used to evaluate patterns and results of care for colon/rectal cancer at participating NCCN institutions. Your participation in this study is expected to last indefinitely, as information will be obtained from your medical records throughout your lifetime.

The City of Hope has a clinical data repository for patients receiving        treatment at City of Hope. In 1995, City of Hope and 19 other cancer centers joined together to establish the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).    Since that time, the NCCN has produced treatment guidelines for approximately 9 out of 10 types of cancers including colon/rectal cancer.  The NCCN regularly reviews, updates and evaluates these guidelines in terms of treatment outcome in order to further improve the treatment of colon/rectal cancer.

Measuring biochemical and biological changes in cancer cells and relating these changes to treatment can help determine what type of treatment works best. Collecting blood samples and tumor biopsy samples as well as treatment and disease data will allow more research to be done in this area. 

COH Protocol Number : 05130

Principal Investigator : Lai, Lily M.D.

Sponsor : City of Hope || National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)


Eligible Ages : >=18

Gender : Either

Prior Chemotherapy :

Brain Metastases :

Measurable Disease :