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By Denise Heady | September 14, 2017
Sometimes it takes a real-life scientist to show kids that science can actually be fun. On Saturday, September 16, City of Hope researchers will do just that at the third Community Science Festival.
For one day, City of Hope scientists will step out of their labs to show off their leading-edge work in a fun, interactive way. 
The free event will feature hands-on science activities, educational lectures and demonstrations by scientists from City of Hope’s research facilities and laboratories.
Science station highlights will include:
  • Glow Party: This station will show you that small things can be big fun, and will introduce you to the amazing, colorful world of molecules.
  • Germs: The good, the bad and the ugly: Learn the difference between good and bad germs. Our scientists will also demonstrate glow-in-the dark bacteria that are being trained to produce new proteins for medical tests. Such tests will be used in the future by doctors to diagnose diseases.
  • How Strong is the Vitamin C in Juice?: Discover the antioxidant powers hidden in popular types of juice by testing for vitamin C.
  • The Power of the Sun: Make sun prints and learn about sun safety, then check out a pizza box solar oven and learn how to make one at home.
  • Da Vinci Robot Exploration: Become a surgeon for a day by using a state-of-the-art surgical robot.
While the event is free, preregistration is encouraged. For more information and to register for the free event, click here.

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