Hematology Rotation

The hematology rotation of the program will provide extensive training in malignant hematology over a six to 12 month period. The fellows will learn about the diagnosis and management of acute leukemias and lymphomas. They will present cases at the multidiscplinary leukemia and lymphoma conferences and work closely with the hematopathologists.
The rotation also allows fellows the unique opportunity to have extensive exposure to stem cell transplantation. As City of Hope is one of the largest hematopoietic cell transplantation programs, this rotation allows fellows the unique opportunity to be involved in the evaluation of new patients referred for transplant and the management of acute complications of stem cell transplantation. Fellows will gain experience in bone marrow harvesting, techniques for stem cell mobilization, and learn how to use HLA typing to evaluate potential donors. Fellows will also gain experience in the diagnosis, staging and management of acute and chronic graft versus host disease.
How to Apply
Please take note of important dates listed in the Electronic Residency Application Service application to recognize deadlines for the fellowship application process.
Apply to: Harbor-City of Hope program, Hematology and Oncology/Research (Code: 1067155F0).
Please note that the application for the City of Hope track is not distinct from the Harbor-UCLA/Kaiser track. However, at the time you are selected for interview, you will be offered a choice of either of the two programs (or both, at the discretion of the selection committee). Be sure to apply in a timely fashion.