Program Overview

City of Hope's Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program has been ACGME-accredited since the mid-1970s. It was the last free-standing fellowship independent of an internal medicine training program until its affiliation with Harbor-UCLA Internal Medicine. The strengths of this fellowship have always been the diverse and viability of patient populations, the excellent accessibility to faculty teaching and opportunity for fellows to participate in and write clinical trials. Graduates excel in both clinical oncology skills and academic training to be able to thrive in either private or academic practice.


Program Requirements


In the first year of fellowship, the emphasis is placed on acquiring a knowledge base of solid tumor oncology, both in the outpatient and inpatient settings. In addition, there is an early exposure to bone marrow transplantation.

The experience shifts toward a significant amount of research time during the second year. Six months are spent in the continuity hematology-oncology clinics at Harbor-UCLA. A portion of this time is also reserved for work on the general hematology consult service. Harbor-UCLA offers excellent preparation for board certification in hematology.

In the third year, fellows have an opportunity to participate in elective rotations and continued research. Fellows are afforded the opportunity to explore oncology-related research opportunities during their dedicated research months. City of Hope provides fellows with many avenues for both for clinical and basic science research. Fellows have pursued a diverse array of projects in the past and have earned numerous distinctions in the process, including national awards at American Society of Hematology  and American Society of Clinical Oncology.


Educational Activities


There are several educational activities that have been put in place to enhance education and help develop our fellows into independent researchers and future striving academicians.


  • Weekly subspecialty tumor boards include breast, gastrointestinal cancer, thoracic, genitourinary, head and neck cancers, and rare tumors. Challenging clinical cases are discussed in a multidisciplinary setting that includes medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, radiology, and other ancillary services.
  • Fellow case presentations are conducted on an every two-week basis. Hematology and oncology fellows present either a hematology or medical oncology case from their clinics and discuss management options. Presentations are attended by numerous faculty members and is moderated by faculty whose subspecialty covers the topic of presentation.
  • Journal Club is conducted on an every two-week basis. A practice-changing clinical trial, or alternatively a high-impact translational study, is presented by one of the fellows in the presence of several clinical faculty members, basic scientists, and a biostatistician. A critical overview of the rationale, methodology, result section, and clinical conclusion is conducted.
  • Didactic lectures are conducted on a weekly basis and cover all pertinent topics in medical oncology and hematology.
  • Since 2014, a board review course for hematology and oncology is now offered to all hematology-oncology fellows. This is conducted throughout the three-year fellowship. One topic is covered every two weeks.
  • All hematology-oncology fellows are expected to attend the Clinical Research Methodology course. Successful completion of this course will result in Clinical Research Methodology Certification at the completion of fellowship.


How to Apply


Please take note of important deadline dates for the fellowship application process as listed in the Electronic Residency Application Service.

Apply to: Harbor-City of Hope program, Hematology and Oncology/Research (Code: 1067155F0).

Please note that the application for the City of Hope track is not distinct from the Harbor-UCLA/Kaiser track. However, at the time you are selected for interview, you will be offered a choice of either of the two programs (or both, at the discretion of the selection committee). Be sure to apply in a timely fashion.