Housing Policies and Procedures

Move-In Information

The official move-in period for the graduate school year is the week prior to orientation. The housing lease is an eleven-month term starting the day you move in and extending through July 31st.

Here is an abbreviated check list:
  •  Confirm move in date and time with Corporate Real Estate.
  •  Inspect your unit for obvious missing or damage furnishings or appliances.
  •  Complete the City of Hope Housing Conditions Form.

You may bring with you:
  •  Pillows, blankets/comforter, mattress cover (mattresses are fire-resistant, plastic-surfaced), egg crate, bath towels and bed sheets
  •  Hangers
  •  Soap (laundry and bath), soap dish
  •  Laundry bag/basket/hamper, wastebasket, throw rugs
  •  Computer
  •  Power strip with surge protector
  •  Mirror
  •  Additional lights/desk lamps (Halogen lamps are not permitted.)
  •  Light bulbs (compact fluorescent light, or CFL, bubs (CFLs)
  •  Flashlight
  •  Broom or small hand-held vacuum
  •  Food storage containers made of glass, plastic, rubber or tin with lids
  •  Towels
  •  Toilet paper

Move-out Information

It is important to follow proper move-out procedure so that you do not incur additional rent charges and other unanticipated fines. The official move-out date is July 31st.

Here is an abbreviated checklist:
  • On your last day, turn in your keys to Corporate Real Estate. Keeping your key means you are still occupying the room. If the student has lost his/her key, the student will forfeit the $25 key deposit.
  • Forward your mail. Make sure to forward your mail to your new address. When residents vacate the premises, they must notify the United States Postal Service.
  • Clean your space and remove all belongings and trash.
  • Turn off all lights, heaters, and air conditioners.
  • Vacate your room by 12 p.m. on the last day of your lease agreement. The School is not responsible for any items left in the room past the move-out date. Items not removed on time will be removed at your expense.
  • Prior to vacating, Facilities and Corporate Real Estate will inspect your unit for repair needs, damage, and furniture. If there is damage to your bedroom or its furnishings, the cost will be deducted from your security deposit and, if necessary, you will be sent a bill to cover the remaining repair costs. If there is damage to a common area, its furnishings or an appliance, all students in the residence will be liable for the damage.