Room Assignments

Eligibility for Housing

All students enrolled at the Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences of City of Hope are eligible for on-campus housing. Unmarried students are not permitted to occupy the same room as other students. Male and female graduate students can be assigned to the same house, if all parties agree. Families with children cannot be accommodated. If space is available, postdocs may be eligible for housing at the discretion of the Manager of Student Housing.

If a graduate student resident elects to occupy his/her room with another adult for more than one week, the graduate student must register that person with Corporate Real Estate.


Students may express their interest in student housing to Corporate Real Estate by phone, email or fax. Students will be asked to fill out an ‘Application for Occupancy’ Agreement, which is available on our website or in the Office of Graduate Education.

The agreement period begins on the Move-in Date and ends at noon on the Move-out Date, as designated by the lease agreement. These dates will be established and set forth by Corporate Real Estate and the Graduate School Oversight Committee.


Bedroom Furnishings


Each room is supplied with a bed, desk, desk drawers, chair, and nightstand. Additional room furnishings may be supplied depending on the type of room you are renting. Residents are free to rearrange furniture and add their own small furnishings so long as they are not wall-mounted. However, furniture should not obstruct smoke detectors, vents, or exits. Window coverings and screens may not be removed nor may residents alter windows with window film or tinting of any kind. You may not paint the rooms.


Common Area Furnishings

In addition to bedrooms, each apartment or house contains a living room, dining area and kitchen. The living area is furnished with a couch, chair, coffee table, and television. The dining area contains a table and chairs. Each of the houses contains a washer/dryer and the apartments share a washer/dryer. Additional appliances and furnishings may be supplied depending on the unit you are renting.

Due to limited storage space, you may not bring your own beds or large furniture to substitute for City of Hope furniture.