Discovering a fulfilling career for your future can be a real battle. Maybe you could use a powerful mentor to help? As a high school student, you can use the Summer Mentorship Program at City of Hope to experience the actual work-life of successful professionals - clinical and nonclinical - as they work to save lives in a famous medical and research center.

The Summer Mentorship Program matches students from Duarte High School with dynamic and interesting City of Hope professionals. You'll learn that it's not just City of Hope's amazing doctors, nurses and scientists who save lives and improve our planet. Plenty of every day heroes also work in professions such as finance, information technology, marketing, philanthropy, human resources and legal.

Through this mentoring, you can partner with one of these great people for two days a week (and enjoy a day full of workshops), earning six weeks of on-site education and real-world experience.

The program can help you answer the questions -- and avoid some of the stress -- involved in deciding on what career path you might want to follow. And here's the best part: upon completion of the program, you'll receive five academic credits, not to mention the jumpstart you've gotten in your search for a rewarding, exciting career.
Please send questions about this leading-edge educational program to City of Hope - [email protected], or contact Ms. Michelle Trail at 626-599-5737 or at [email protected].


The experience really broadened my perspective on the different careers in the healthcare field that go beyond doctors and nurses. –Hagan Han

My experience at City of Hope was valuable in that it gave me the experience of a genuine work environment that I would have had difficulty finding elsewhere. The fact that it was in a well-known and advanced hospital was an added bonus. –Christen Cheng