David Ann

David K. Ann, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department of Diabetes Complications and Metabolism

David K. Ann, Ph.D.

Enfoque de la investigación :
  • Colorectal Cancer


  • Ph.D.

The goals of my research program are to understand both the molecular mechanisms and signal transductions for maintenance of genomic integrity following DNA damage and, to develop novel molecular therapies for human cancers by targeting the dysfunctional or deregulated DNA damage responses. The DNA damage-induced signaling pathway consists of kinase-dependent signaling cascade that regulates cell cycle progression, DNA repair and apoptosis (cell death). It is the coordination of these events that ensures genomic stability.

Our current interest is to decipher the signaling transduction pathways and molecular mechanisms underlying genomic instability and to enhance the tumor selectivity or DNA targeted agents. Specifically, we currently work on (1) HMGA2 and genomic instability, (2) SUMOylation and DNA Damage Response and (3) Autophagy and Drug Resistance.

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