16th Annual Rachmiel Levine-Arthur Riggs Diabetes Research Symposium

Diabetes is becoming a major international public health problem. As such, major advances are being made to understand the pathogenesis and treatment of the illness, and new pharmaceuticals are being developed based on new knowledge in the field. The rapid advances in treatment including the appropriate drug combinations and the appropriate indications for referral mandate that annual updates be provided for practitioners by acknowledged experts in the field in order to maintain the best care for these patients. Despite promising advances in diabetes, there exists a gap in understanding the mechanisms behind the disease. Diabetes and islet-related meetings that have taken place around the world show that the demand still falls short of the supply. More discussion is needed to: expand upon the existing research activities and development of new investigational projects, understand the new methodologies in islet quality and manufacturing, achieve a thorough understanding of new developments in the field, interact successfully with funding agencies and broaden opportunities for research support, and increase collaboration in research activities between junior and senior investigators in the field.


Date:March 05, 2016

Time: 04:00 PM - 04:00 PM (PT)

Location:Hyatt Regency Long Beach , Long Beach CA



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