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Five Reasons to Become a Bone Marrow Donor
March 24, 2017

When Shawn Ahdoot went to donate blood almost 10 years ago, he had no idea that it would change his life forever. Here are five reasons you, too, should become a bone marrow donor.

City of Hope’s Linda Malkas, Ph.D., appointed to state’s stem cell agency board
March 23, 2017

Linda Malkas, Ph.D., deputy director of basic research for City of Hope who holds the M.T. & B.A. Ahmadinia Professorship in Molecular Oncology, has been appointed to the governing board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the state’s stem cell agency.

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CAR-T Cell Trial for Multiple Myeloma to Launch in 2017
March 22, 2017

CAR-T cell therapy research at City of Hope is an innovative and promising approach that recruits the body’s own immune system in the fight against some of the hardest-to-treat cancers, including multiple myeloma.

Myeloma Series Part 2 McNutt Seated
‘Dwindling’ ribs, failing kidneys: How one woman climbed back from myeloma
March 21, 2017

Hypercalcemia (high blood calcium), renal problems, anemia and bone problems, also known by the acronym, C.R.A.B. — reflects the typical symptoms of multiple myeloma. City of Hope follows a multiple myeloma patient, Donna McNutt, who finds ways to cope with her diagnosis.

City of Hope elects three distinguished business leaders to its board of directors
March 20, 2017

City of Hope, a world-renowned independent research and treatment center for cancer and diabetes, today announced three new members to its board of directors: Barbara Bruser, senior managing director with First Republic Private Wealth Management, Steven B. Fink, former chief executive officer of Lawrence Investments LLC, and William J. Post, chairman of the board of Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen).