An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
By Andy Ishii | March 11, 2016

Ian Wist, general manager of Wist Office Products located in Tempe, Arizona, assembled and sponsored six teams of hardcore racers from the National Business Products Industry to take on the grueling “24 Hours In the Old Pueblo” race that took place February to support of cancer research and treatment at City of Hope.




The annual “24 Hours In the Old Pueblo” is one of the biggest 24 hour races in the country. In its 17th year, more than 4,000 bikers took on the nonstop bike race in the Sonoran Desert.  

Wist’s inspiration is fueled by those courageous individuals he knew that battled cancer throughout his life.

“With losses of family and friends to breast cancer, brain tumors and leukemia, I felt there is no time like the present to do more. Each person lost to me fought their battle with incredible grace, courage and faith,” explained Wist. “The blessing we have is the gift of time. Time to make decisions about what is important to us. Time for practical things like finances, and taking care of ourselves and each other. Time to choose to live each day to its fullest. It's my personal and sincere wish that ultimately no individual or family has to face and fight cancer as generations have before."


pedal-for-hope1-300x171 Wist Office Products and its “Pedal for Hope” racers raised more than $13,000 for cancer research and treatment at City of Hope at the 24 Hours In the Old Pueblo Race.


"Therefore, Wist Office Products joined with City of Hope to enable some of the world best and brightest scientists and doctors to further the fight against cancer,” Wist said.

Wist Office Products raised more than $13,000 for City of Hope with the help of its supporters, in addition to heightening critical awareness of the medical center's lifesaving mission. “I could not be more proud of our group and what was achieved,” stated Wist.