Northern California Food Industries Circle Emerging Leaders

The Northern California Food Industries Circle has raised $40 million over the past four decades to benefit research and life-saving treatments for cancer, diabetes, & HIV/AIDS at City of Hope.

To further support this incredible effort, a group of emerging professionals in the food industry formed the Emerging Leaders Committee (ELC) in Fall 2013. These future NCFIC board members have raised over $100,000 in five years through various events and programs:

  • Kick-Off Happy Hour
  • Annual Bocce Ball Tournament and Dinner
  • Interactive fundraising opportunities for the NCFIC Board
  • Personal Giving program for the Specific Cancer Project
  • Bike to Hope
  • NCFIC Marathon


ELC Member Responsibilities

  • Recruitment of 1 new member to the committee per year and at least 3 attendees to annual Bocce Ball Tournament and Dinner
  • Attend a City of Hope campus tour within 2 years of ELC Membership
  • Communicate COH/NCFIC fundraising opportunities to your co-workers, clients, and peers in the industry
  • Support goals and principals of City of Hope’s humanitarian mission