An intimate Scientific  evening of dessert and coffee in a private home - Learning about the next research project that the Board of Governors is planning to support, other fundraising opportunities  and getting-to-know each other.

Cocktails and camaraderie under the stars at the W Hotel in Hollywood, followed by a performance of the fabulous New York hit, The Illusionists at the historic Pantages Theatre.

Cocktail Party and getting to know one another better as well as one-on-one discussion with Board of Governors doctors/scientists who have received our financial support in the last few years.

Las Vegas night and musical entertainment at a private home on a balmy August night of Los Angeles -- Another opportunity to meet and chat with our doctors/scientists.

Annual Luncheon and Tour of City of Hope Campus - Update on the research projects we support and discuss future funding projects. Kick off the year-end letter-writing campaign, now both by mail as well as via Crowdfunding, our new Internet fund raising campaign.

Holiday Dinner Celebration at Taglyan Cultural Complex - Recap of the fundraising campaign in support of our research projects, celebrate the year-end with our accomplishments and announce future projects and activities.