Milestones of Accomplishments

Basic and Translational Science

Advancing new medical treatments and potential cures requires an investment in basic laboratory science and biological research. The Board of Governors (BOG) has supported two burgeoning scientific frontiers bearing great promise in the fight against cancer: immunotherapy and experimental therapeutics.

Immunotherapy harnesses the body's immune system to combat cancer, without the side effects associated with traditional treatments. With immunotherapy, our researchers' aim is to eliminate the need for chemo and radiation therapies altogether. The power and promise of this science is immense and the BOG stands as one of its earliest champions.

Experimental therapeutics involves testing cancer therapies at their earliest  stage of development and identifying new critical pathways for therapeutic intervention.



Equally important in developing a body of science is the recruitment of outstanding faculty to advance its progress. The BOG was instrumental in expanding City of Hope's immunotherapeutic and experimental therapeutic programs.


Hand in hand with science, critical infrastructure is needed to house and support research efforts, including new technology and specialized laboratories. The BOG has played a key role in funding and establishing the Clinical Immunobiology Correlative Studies Laboratory (CICSL), an essential lab that critically examines the effects of cancer immunotherapies in patients.
The BOG recognized the importance of the CICSL, renamed, The Adoptive Cell Immunotherapy Laboratory, and continues its support toward further discoveries.