City of Hope's Circle 1500 - For women, by women, for women's health





Circle 1500 is a giving circle whose members pool philanthropic resources, select, and provide seed money to fund women’s cancer breakthroughs at City of Hope.

Circle 1500 is a giving circle which launched in 2014 to benefit the Women’s Cancers Program at City of Hope.  Members are patients, community members, friends and families of women who are committed to creating better treatments for women everywhere. Quarterly meetings are held at City of Hope, or at interesting venues around the Southland, featuring speakers on women’s health topics, research updates and trends in cancer treatments. The meetings provide members with opportunities to share stories and experiences and to get to know COH faculty and scientists.  Each year, members pool their membership dollars and vote to fund a promising research project.

How can I help?

  • Join Circle 1500
  • Attend quarterly meetings and events
  • Vote on proposed projects
  • Encourage friends to join

Past Projects

Pilot projects that have received funding since the formation of Circle 1500 include the Pancreatic Nutritional Program, which is a pilot study of the impact of weight loss on the survivorship of breast cancer patients, and the research of Jacob Berlin, Ph.D., and his Next Generation Drug Discovery for Treating Herceptin-Resistant Breast Cancer.  Members of Circle 1500 can see the immediate impact of their pooled philanthropy and are able to follow the progress of the research projects that they fund each year, through their meetings.

Membership can be paid via the link below

$500 annual membership donation.

Members attend quarterly meetings, learn about important women’s health issues and vote to support an annual research project.

$1,500 annual membership donation.
Patrons receive the same benefits as members. They are also invited to two additional special research-oriented events at City of Hope.

$5,000 annual membership donation.
At the Founder’s Circle level, members receive the same benefits as other levels, and they are invited to additional exclusive events featuring City of Hope faculty.

For more information or to join, contact Janet Morgan at 626-218-6250 or [email protected].

About City of Hope's Women's Cancers Program

City of Hope has a history of innovation — including the technology behind Herceptin, a breakthrough drug for breast cancer.

Today, the Women’s Cancers Program at City of Hope brings together experts across disciplines in dynamic collaborations. And special on-site drug manufacturing facilities enable City of Hope to translate discovery into treatment faster and more efficiently.

Some exciting areas of research in the Women’s Cancers Program:

  • Seeking new treatments that defeat disease with fewer and milder side effects
  • Developing medicines that target women’s cancers precisely
  • Studying superfoods like mushroom and blueberries as ways to prevent or treat women’s cancers
  • Examining which choices women can make to stop cancer before it ever starts