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Mike Genrich and Jose Palacios and the Furniture of America Family

IHFI Mike Genrich and Jose Palacios

About Furniture of America

“Bring Happiness through Furniture”. From day one, this has been Furniture of America’s Mission… FOA believes the purchase of new furniture is an important milestone in the growth of every person and every home. It becomes part of the happy memories of all the wonderful events of life from starting a new life together; the birth of child, the purchase of a new home, or a graduation, almost every purchase is tied to happy events. Working with its retail partners FOA promotes best practices at retail for a positive customer experience.
Fourteen years ago, a few people with a love for furniture, a dream and a unique employee focused business model unlocked the door off a small warehouse in Southern California for the first time. Today that love for furniture has become a passion, the dream a reality, the business model a study for top business schools, and that small warehouse has grown to five strategically located distribution warehouses across the U.S. totaling close to two million square feet.
As prescribed in their plan, “always stay on the leading edge of technology”. As FOA’s business exploded with sometimes-high double-digit growth every year and at times overwhelming product demand, FOA was able to make the adjustments to meet the growing demand by automating the distribution network at just the right time. This (now fully implemented) semi customized distribution management system has improved operational efficiencies to a point of being able to handle double its previous capacities to better respond to demand from their ever growing customer base.
Furniture of America’s Asia group is responsible for the company’s product design and manufacturing in Asia that includes China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. With a large staff of designers, product engineers, and experience quality control teams, they control, direct and manage Furniture of America production in several Countries. In addition, they maintain product showrooms in South China and Vietnam for large U.S. and International companies that buy direct 
FOA promotes “Made in America” where it can and has established itself as a premier source of US-made upholstery. Starting with the design of the fabric and using its own in house designers to create a marriage between fabric and frame, FOA develops beautiful unique designs that appeal to consumers of all ages and means. Then carefully oversees the production of those products at quality U.S. factories. FOA is a proud member of the California Furniture Manufacturers Association, and incorporates the latest safety and environmental regulations into all of its furniture production.
Furniture of America E-Commerce is a recognized brand on the World Wide Web and a trusted partner and supplier to all of the top E-Commerce retail web sites. FOA E-Comm has been recognized by the top shipping companies as having the most functional “Pick, Pack and Ship” process for furniture in the industry. Because of its unique product handling, its shipping and return rates are among the lowest in the business.
Furniture of America’s “Employee Focused” business model thrives to increase the quality of life of the people that build the company. Where most business models are built to funnel profits and wealth to “The Top” or “The Owner”. FOA’s unique model flips that upside down and funnels the profits back to the hard working people who help build the company. At the heart of this is the monthly profit-share system with complete transparency in sales and profit statistics. In addition, every employee over a year is a part owner of the company. Teamwork, Respect, Happy, Cooperation, Self-accountable, Dedication, these are some of the traits of the average team member at FOA. They provide a friendly, moral environment, where team members treat each other not just as colleagues but also as family. Happy Team Members… Happy Customers!
FOA supports City of Hope Hospital and has served on the west coast committee for over a decade. In addition, they are involved in many community projects, and is involved in and supports several humanitarian projects nationally and internationally.

Michael Genrich

Michael Genrich is Sr. V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Furniture of America, a full-service supplier and manufacturing company. His four decade-plus career in the field began in 1970 at a San Diego Levitz Furniture warehouse. After three years of Army service, he returned to Levitz in a sales capacity. By 1979, he was the Arizona and Las Vegas sales representative for the Stratford Futorian Corporation. Just four years later, he was named National Sales Manager of the fast-growing Soil Shield, a distributor of DuPont’s Teflon, where he received a “DuPont Future Leadership Award” nomination. He moved on to become V.P. of Sales and Training for Krause Sofas in ’93 where he successfully managed a ninety-store retail chain.
Michael has held top-level sales positions with notable companies such as Boyd, Coaster, Black Hawk, Sandberg and Aico/Amini.
But, it is at Furniture of America where he truly feels at home. He has been a part of this family for over ten years.
Among other industry involvements, Michael currently serves on the board of directors of the California Furniture Manufacturers Association, where he is a former President.
Michael has been married to his wife Kathleen for 38 years. They have two grown daughters and a beautiful granddaughter.

Jose Palacios

Jose Palacios began his career in the furniture industry in the early 90’s as a sales associate for wholesale distributor, IEM, where he handled international relations for a decade. Upon that company’s US division’s demise, he and several former IEM co-workers conspired to bring a new ambitious project to fruition. In 2005, Furniture of America was born.
Thanks to an established client base, it wasn’t long before Jose wrote the company’s first-ever order. Such mutual loyalty helped shape the “we are all family” model that FOA continues to embrace. Today, Furniture of America boasts a worldwide reach, with Jose an enthusiastic sales leader at the helm of all international business.
Also a musician, Jose has long been involved with music. Focusing primarily on producing Latin Love songs, he performs them with the soul of a true artist. Not just known for his success with Furniture of America, he enjoys notoriety as a singer in South America.