Family Center

Lions Clubs have been an integral part of the City of Hope family for more than 50 years and their volunteer leadership has played a key role in the development of City of Hope’s internationally recognized medical and scientific programs. At virtually every turn on the City of Hope campus there is ready evidence of Lions’ generous support - Lions Clubs around the world have contributed millions to City of Hope, funding cancer and diabetes research, providing the Japanese Garden in the center of campus and helping to extend hope and health to the world at large. Now is your opportunity to provide for the restoration of the Family Center in Hope and Parsons Village on the medical center campus, and its renaming as the Lions Clubs International Family Center at City of Hope.
The Family Center at Hope and Parsons Village
As part of our guiding mission to address all of our patients’ needs, City of Hope maintains Hope and Parsons Village, affordable on-campus housing in a beautifully landscaped setting that enables patients to remain close to medical treatment and supportive care services while continuing their outpatient care. Because we recognize that family is central to a person’s ability to heal, relatives and caregivers are also able to reside with patients. In addition, we provide financial assistance to patients who are unable to pay for the costs of their stay. Approximately half of all patients stay for free due to significant financial constraints.
Many patients who no longer require in-hospital care still need frequent medical treatments that may last for months. Among those with the longest stays are patients who undergo hematopoietic cell transplantation (i.e., bone marrow transplants), who typically require 100 days of post-transplant care and in some cases may be monitored for as long as a year. As a result, these patients must reside close enough to the City of Hope campus to make daily or weekly visits for medical appointments feasible. However, many of our patients travel long distances to receive care at City of Hope – from around the world, in fact – and there is an urgent need for low-cost housing to accommodate the needs of these patients.
Hope and Parsons Village provides patients with housing on the City of Hope campus in a tranquil and verdant setting. The facility is made up of 40 bungalows that give patients a private space to call their own while also giving them easy access to the medical care they need. The Village Family Center offers a wide array of amenities for families residing in the bungalows, as well as for those who make use of our on-site RV park with six spaces and full hookups to water, electricity and waste disposal. In addition, the center is open for use to families whose loved ones are hospitalized at City of Hope Helford Clinical Research Hospital.
Features of the Village Family Center include:
  • a full kitchen and lounge full bathrooms with showers
  • a computer room that is open seven days a week, providing patients and caregivers with free Internet access
  • the Cuervo Comedy Theater, which provides space for performances by musicians, comedians and other entertainers, as well as patient support groups and other events
  • a laundry room with four washing machines and dryers, available free of charge
The Need for the Family Center
While Hope and Parsons Village offers a haven for patients and their families during distressing times, City of Hope recognized that it needed some key upgrades. The Village Family Center had not been renovated in more than 15 years and wear and tear during this period had significantly affected the physical state of the facility. Relying on the support of Lions Clubs International, beginning in the summer of 2010, the center underwent an extensive renovation and upgrade, including the following improvements:
  • renovation of the lounge, including the conversion of a patio into indoor space and new living and dining room furniture; the space also features an expanded computer area and patient library
  • upgrade of the Village Center kitchen with new appliances, cabinets and countertops
  • installation of a new air conditioning system and new windows and doors expansion and renovation of the Village Center reception area and office space in order to accommodate additional seating for patients and staff; the new office area also allows for greater patient privacy
  • upgrade of the Cuervo Comedy Theater, including new lighting, furniture and audio/visual equipment, as well as new entrance doors
  • expansion of the Village Center’s front veranda, including a larger porch, garden landscaping, seating and a water feature
The Family Center fundraising program, with a goal of $1 million, provides for the restoration of the Family Center in Hope and Parsons Village, and its renaming as the Lions Clubs International Family Center at City of Hope. Your championship of this project will help make this vital facility for our patients and their families even more comfortable, beautiful and welcoming, giving all who stay there a place where they can rest and recuperate in tranquil surroundings.
Donations of any amount from individuals or Clubs are graciously accepted and deeply appreciated.
Click here for a downloadable copy of the Family Center brochure!
We are immensely proud of our 54-year partnership with the Lions, and look forward to the future and the opportunity to place the Lions Clubs International name permanently on the Family Center when we reach our $1 million goal!