Spirit of Life® Celebration

2018 LARE Spirit of Life | City of Hope
City of Hope's Los Angeles Real Estate & Construction Industries Council presents the

2018 Spirit of Life® Celebration
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

6 p.m. Cocktail Reception
7 p.m. Dinner Stations and Award Ceremony

Los Angeles Football Club
3939 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90037


Andy Cohen and Diane Hoskins Diane Hoskins & Andy Cohen
City of Hope’s Los Angeles Real Estate & Construction Industries Council recognizes industry leaders each year for their outstanding professional and philanthropic contributions at the Spirit of Life® Award Dinner. The Spirit of Life® Award is presented to individuals who exemplify the ideals and values that have guided City of Hope for a century, and whose professional and humanitarian accomplishments are worthy of celebration.

Recipients of this prestigious award include a broad range of leaders from the world of business, entertainment, science and philanthropy. What connects them is a shared commitment to elevating the human condition and a profound belief in the power of each individual to effect change.

The Spirit of Life®, by its very name, represents the intangible qualities that make an individual’s life worthy of admiration: their generosity, their ability to inspire and their desire to make a difference in the world. City of Hope extends its heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to its Spirit of Life® honorees past and present.
For more information, please contact

Andrea Courtney
Sr. Director of Corporate Philanthropy
[email protected]

Catina Lesavoy
Director, Corporate Philanthropy
[email protected]
Lori Oussaty
Coordinator, Corporate Philanthropy
City of Hope
Los Angeles Real Estate & Construction Industries
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