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An Industry Committed to Cures
NIIC Steve DeCarlo Robert Stone Tony Markel Left to right: 2014 Spirit of Life® honoree Steve DeCarlo of AmWINS Group Inc., City of Hope President and CEO Robert Stone and NIIC board member Tony Markel of Markel Corporation
A group of key industry executives, motivated by a commitment to innovative medical research, quality patient care and City of Hope’s guiding humanitarian principles, founded City of Hope’s National Insurance Industry Council (NIIC) in 1978. They joined the now more than 20 industry groups at City of Hope that loyally support City of Hope’s quest for cures.
Having raised some $35 million over their 41-year history, the dedicated volunteers of the NIIC are committed to saving the lives of cancer and diabetes patients while also bringing hope to loved ones and caregivers. As an industry dedicated to protecting the assets and lives of others, the insurance industry formed a natural and inspiring partnership with City of Hope.
The NIIC is comprised of representatives of the most prominent life, property and casualty companies, law firms, brokers, accounting firms, reinsurers, executive placement firms and actuaries in the insurance industry. With active Midwest, Dallas and Atlanta committees and council members from across the U.S., the NIIC spans the country, as does the impact of City of Hope’s research, patient care protocols and educational outreach.
City of Hope undertakes its work with a profound sense of responsibility and unwavering commitment. This means not only pioneering new ways to end disease, but collaborating with institutions across the country and around the world to ensure treatments reach patients more quickly. Great progress requires great partnership. Together, with the NIIC, we are building a world where cancer, diabetes and other diseases no longer claim the lives of those we love.



Hear from our Industry Supporters

Tony Markel 
Markel Corporation
"Virtually, everyone has been touched by the harsh reality of cancer and diabetes. City of Hope, with its outstanding culture of care and compassion, coupled with the unique combination of patient care, cutting-edge research and drug manufacturing is in a position to continue to lead the charge to eradicate these diseases. I am proud to be associated with the wonderful work being done at City of Hope."
Cindy Belcher 
Cooperative of American Physicians
"As a leader in cancer and diabetes research, City of Hope provides state-of-the-art treatment and patient care. This incredible organization is committed to preserving and celebrating life. I am proud to be a member of the National Insurance Industry Council, helping to raise funds so that City of Hope can continue its important work."
Steve DeCarlo
AmWINS Group Inc.
"That’s the thing with illnesses like cancer and diabetes; these diseases don’t care what you look like, what your business card says or where you went to school. They are completely indiscriminate. That’s why the dedicated people at City of Hope who work to develop new treatments and therapies need our help, so they can provide the lifesaving support to the millions of people who depend on this advanced research as they engage in the fight of their lives."
Kevin Daley
PURE Insurance
"I am so proud to be part of the City of Hope family. Cutting-edge research coupled with world class patient care — that is City of Hope. Advances in cancer treatment and prevention occur every day, and City of Hope is at the center of these exciting discoveries. This is a very special place, full of very special people."

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